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Our Specials

Plum Cake

We bake richer quality plum cakes and are still improving and experimenting with different methods from time to time. A plum cakes a very rich combination of many dry fruits, egg, flour, and butter. A well-prepared plum cake has a longer shelf life and its taste, flavor, and texture improve and nurture better with a longer period. This is the reason why since its inception in 1883, the plum cake is still one of the most popular cakes sold all over the world.

The Brownnies Legacy

Kannur the city of looms and lore saw the blossoming of the Brownnies Bakery and coffee pub on March 24th, 2002. Under the captainship of Mr. Ranjith, the grandson of Mambally Gopalan and son of Mambally Damodaran. Mr. Ranjith. M.K is one of the third generations who had blossomed into the traditional Mambally family. Mambally Bappu created history back in 1883 by introducing us to the mouth-watering taste of cakes.

Brownnies began its voyage with its rich legacy of the great bakery group and with the guidance of a great baker, true to say, right from the day it began Brownnies has become a household name because of its unique, nutritious, and healthily products and has carved a niche of its own in the hearts and taste buds of the people of Kannur.