Plum Cake

The official taste of Kannur

Plumcake is one of the most popular cakes consistently sold all over the world. It has become so popular over the years since its origin as a traditional cake for celebrating Christmas. Hence Christmas traditionally means a well-decorated plum cake. The tradition of Christmas cake began with a plum porridge on Christmas, this was said to have been made with oats, dried fruits, spices, honey, etc. With the passage of time and so many more ingredients made their way, it started to resemble its current form.

Plum cake with tradition.

Plumcake is exquisite among any other cakes. Consuming plum cake is healthier because its nutritive value is high compared to any other cake. It’s a very rich combination of many dry fruits, egg, flour, and butter a well-prepared plum cake has a longer shelf life and its taste flavor and texture improves and nurtures better with a lengthier period. That’s why since its inception in 1883 plum cake is still one of the most popular cakes sold all over the world.

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